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    Café Bellagio’s food wows, yet the restaurant leaves much to be desired

    By Claudia Moysset ’19
    Cafe Bellagio, an Italian cafe that is known for its gelato, sits in the middle of the 3rd Street Promenade. The famous giant ice cream-shaped trash can is in the front of the restaurant. Tables fan out under the open ceiling providing an open atmosphere.
    The window where the food is ordered is located in the back of the restaurant, and the slowly moving line is towards the side of the restaurant and ordering food is a snail-like process. The ambiance around the window is quite loud and busy, so the few attendants can barely hear you. The tables are small and round with plastic chairs covered in melted ice-cream. Napkins are not available on the tables, so be prepared to wait in line if any spills occur. They also only have a few condiment packs left in the trays.
    After waiting, the food arrives with flies circling. The classic “Euro Burger” has a soft yet surprisingly nice, crunchy macheta bun with well-cooked meat that has a savory and juicy tang to it. The Caesar salad has fresh crispy lettuce leaves with parmesan and chicken, but they don’t sell dressing. Another good choice is the pan-baked pizza, which has a thick crust with tomato sauce, cheese and parsley leaves. A variety of other sandwiches and salads are also available.
    For dessert Cafe Bellagio has many different gelato flavors. The sweet and creamy vanilla flavor gently melts in the mouth. The peach flavored gelato captures the exact taste of a bittersweet peach. They have many flavors like rum raisin, with plump round raisins mixed with the gelato, or the great Limoncello that tastes like a sour lemon mixed with the sugary taste of vanilla.
    The prices are decent, with a burger ranging from $7-9 and the two scoops of the gelato costs around $5.50.
    Overall, the food is fantastic and rich, yet the service and upkeep leaves something to be desired. Struggling to find a clean table, fighting off flies,and even having to wipe ice cream off pants isn’t something that customers should have to deal with when with dining at a restaurant.
    GRADE = C

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