Jazz fills halls of Bing

Highlights include all-girl trumpet section, ‘best trombone section’


Camryn Banafsheha

Jazz Band performs at teaser assembly for middle school students.

For months, sounds of jazz filled the halls of Bing as students worked on mastering various musical compositions. To culminate a semester of dedication, the Winter Jazz Band Concert, conducted by performing arts teacher Starr Wayne, took place in the Saperstein Theater on Feb. 3.

Between six instruments — trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drum, bass, and piano — the band performed a collection of classic 20th century big band pieces. Wayne shared that throughout the preparation process, she felt proud of the students’ devotion to learning and improving every day.

“There were moments in many rehearsals where I was very proud of what they were doing. This group of kids is a very special group. They’re attentive, they’re hungry to learn,” Wayne said. “Every 40 minute class period, they were ready to get as much as they could out of it.”

Wayne was delighted to share multiple standouts, including the all girls trumpet section and the talent that was discovered in a group as rigorous as the jazz band.

“We had an all girls trumpet section for the first time in the history of the school. And, the entire trombone section all rose from beginning band to jazz band in one year,” Wayne said. “It’s probably the best trombone section I’ve ever had.”

Wayne shares that after many years of teaching the band, watching the students in their element of performance will always remain an exciting experience.

“In the concert, I just thought they shined. Everything they did from their playing to their presentation on stage, the way they carried themselves, the way they came on and off stage. It all seemed so polished and professional,” Wayne said. “They took it seriously and they showed respect for the process. I’m very proud of everything about the students, throughout the semester as well as in the concert.”

As the second semester goes by, Wayne shared her hopes for the next school year.

“I’m hoping that all my trombone players stay [next year] and that when all the ninth graders leave — which is about 70% of the band — that all of the new students that come in just continue to carry the torch and bring that energy and excitement to the class,” Wayne said. “This program has developed into a really special niche in the school.”