The Results of the Sophomore Prefect Election

Jade Harris

Harvard Westlake’s Sophomore Prefects were just announced April 30 by Keith Jordan. After the Town Hall election, Glory Ho, Davis Marks, Dillon Ring and Nyla Shelton were elected by the student body. Here’s what the Prefects promised the student body if they were elected.

Ho, a member of student council since 7th-grade, said in her Candidate profile “I’d want to change how disconnected the Prefect Council specifically can feel from the rest of our grade. Although I don’t know much about the current relationship between the Prefect Council and the upper school, I know that right now Student Council feels very separate from the middle school.”

With many students being able to relate to the feeling of disconnection with the Student Council, promises of bringing better communication hit strongly with the grade. Ho also pitches sophomore only events that focus on community building.

Marks has been a member for students council since 8th-grade, and since then, has reintroduced HW Bulb, created Progress Reports and created Ask Us, all of which are meant to connect Student Council to the Student Body. He also proposed fun events such as free Jamba Juice.

Marks also preaches the importance of communication, also bringing up that, “One issue I’d address is the social gap between campuses,” and, “As a Senator, I’ve been lucky enough to be consulted on various school decisions, but I believe we need to elevate the student voice even more.”

Ring, the leader of the club Cadence for a Cause, not only promised to bring some “hardcore lemonade,” but also wants to create an event where new students converse with old students, which would include icebreakers and community experiences, as well as retaining the 10 minute passing periods.

Shelton hopes to bring a formal informational mechanism for students to shape Harvard-Westlake’s reputation, as it’s primarily done by the admissions office or social media. Leadership activities like being a student ambassador co-chair and being a section leader of Madrigals gives her previous experience in working with a team and connecting with students.

Communication is a common theme brought up by the majority of candidates, and with Harvard Westlake beginning to open up, our newly elected Sophomore Prefects will be able to incorporate their ideas into the school.