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Safe Socal Summer ideas

Although it feels like almost everything has changed during this past year, time continues to tick as we approach the summer of 2021. Pandemic restrictions have begun to relax in the United States as schools and sports start up again; beaches and theme parks are slowly reopening with enhanced safety protocols. While some of your plans may have shifted, such as travelling out of the country or going to sleepaway camps, there is still so much to do, even just in your own beautiful state.

Being outside has always had a multitude of benefits, such as serotonin boosts and vitamin D, coupled with a plethora of fun (and most importantly safe) opportunities available. Especially compared to last summer, the amount of covid-safe activities have greatly increased.

For example, almost every beach in California is open, including some outdoor restaurants near them. Theme parks and conservatories are also great day trips, so you can be outside and enjoy fun rides and nature while staying safe. National parks are also open, with enough levels of trails to be used by people of any age or difficulty level. Movie theaters and malls are now open, with enhanced distancing safety protocols as well.

In case you aren’t yet comfortable with venturing outside of this year-long quarantine bubble, there’s still a variety of home projects you can do to not only self improve, but also have fun while doing so! For example, rearranging your room, desk, closet and drawers is a great way to mix things up to feel as if you’re in a completely new space. Painting or sketching is a stress reliever, and lets you create beautiful art to use wherever you prefer! Bracelet and necklace making has also become quite popular, and there are plenty of inexpensive kits on Amazon to help you start them. These can make pretty and personal gifts for your friends and family to wear, especially if you don’t see them as often as you may like. Additionally, baking and cooking something different is exciting, as your confectionary creations can be enjoyed (or not!) by anyone you give it to, (even if it’s just yourself)! Finally, walking around your neighborhood or doing an at-home workout is great to keep your blood flowing and go get some sun.

Whatever you decide to let your summer hold, there are plenty of options that allow for you to have fun all while still staying safe, and protecting those you love.

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