Music makes me lose control

Izzy Daum

Songs that make me feel : Red

This group of songs give me the feels and I feel so awake when I listen to them. I forget about everything else going on my life and just experience the vibes. My favorite song at the moment in this category is “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” by Joji because it makes me feel alive. I am in love with Post Malone right now whose song “Hollywood’s Bleeding” hits different. His new album has just come out and I love every single song from it even though they are very different from each other. This group felt like the color red to me because of how dramatic these songs are. The beat and the singers voices are so strong and loud which remind me of the overwhelming feeling of the color red.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” Post Malone
“Younger” Ruel
“Fire Meets Gasoline” Sia
“Silhouette” Aquilo
“Cigarette Daydreams” Cage the Elephant

Songs that make me feel : Lavender

These songs make me very chill, and I am at peace when I listen to them. These are the types of songs I could listen to on repeat because their beats aren’t too strong. My favorite right now from this group is “Ice Cold Pool” by The Wallows because I have been really into the way the singer sounds and their whole new album. “Lucy” by Still Woozy is such a funky song and puts me in that vibey zone. The words used and how they sound are so unique and I have never heard anything like it before which makes me love the song and the artist so much. Another underrated artist on this list is Conan Gray who I am obsessed with at the moment; there is not one song of his that I do not like and I listen to them all the time no matter what I am doing. I used the color lavender to describe these songs because it is such a calming and not bothering color that I could look at frequently which reminds me of the way these songs sound.

“Checkmate” Conan Gray
“Are you bored yet?” Wallows & Clairo
“Ribs” Lorde
“Ice Cold Pool” Wallows
“British Bombs” Declan McKenna (original video unavailable in US)
“Lucy” Still Woozy

Songs that make me feel : Hot Pink

These songs have the same funkiness to them that get my energy flowing and make me super pumped. I usually listen to these songs when I am blasting music in the car and just having fun. My favorite song of all time “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove is in this group and I have never gotten tired of listening to it. At the moment though, my favorite would be “All These Things that I’ve Done” by The Killers because it has such a good beat and feeling to it that I can’t stop myself from singing along whenever it plays. I thought of these songs with the color hot pink because the energy they both give me are so electric and bright. Hot pink is so out there and could never go unnoticed just like the way these songs draw you in right away when you listen to them.

“All These Things That I’ve Done” The Killers
“Tongue Tied” Grouplove
“Favorite Drug” daydream Masi
“Humongous” Declan McKenna
“Someone To You” BANNERS
“Alien Boy” Oliver Tree