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Is Tik Tok Worth the Hype?


Tik Tok has taken over the world! It is an app in which anyone can post videos of them dancing, joking, painting and much more. There are so many different types of videos you can put out there and this is a way for so many people to express themselves. It is so addicting and people spend hours on their for you page, which is a page of videos the app thinks you would like based on your previously watched ones, looking at other people’s videos or making their own funky videos. Most people are on Tik Tok every night. It is a good way to meet other people and showcase your own talents and interests.

Tik Tok has a huge influence on the daily lives of people everywhere and has taken over many teenagers spare time. Many everyday conversations will bring up Tik Tok because it is what most people spend their free time on. People like to copy specific ideas from others on Tik Tok to express themselves like dying their hair or dressing in a different way. A specific way that started out on Tik Tok and become popular through this app is people dying the front strands of their hair a bright color like pink or blue. Also, you will see people making videos everywhere you go either doing dances or challenges. Usually teens do it with their friends and make many Tik Toks when they hang out.

A major portion of people on Tik Tok have the goal of getting famous. People can spend time looking through the for you page either just enjoying the videos they watched or coming up with inspiration to make their own. You can put hashtags in your caption that help you get on other peoples for you pages which people frequently do because it is the way to get more views and likes. It is harder and takes more effort to get famous in different places like Youtube or Instagram, but it is fairly easy on Tik Tok because it is mostly based on luck. This is why a lot of people have come onto the app looking for fame. They make funny and theatrical short videos instead of taking the perfect picture on Instagram.

Zoe Shapiro ’23, Lavinia Tyagi ’23, Izzy Daum ’23, and Ava Saferstien ’23 dancing to BROCKHAMPTON’s “SUGAR”

There are many trends on Tik Tok right now, including dances like renegade and challenges like trying to tie a knot with your tongue. One person usually starts these trends and their video gets popular, making others want to try it. Another way these trends get so popular is because others take part in them trying to get famous too. Most trends are based on the specific song in a video and can change very quickly because there are so many being created every single day. There are two girls trending on Tik Tok right now named Charli D’Amelio and Alex French. D’Amelio had a lot of hype for a while, but was getting a large amount of hate from people who didn’t understand why she was getting so popular so fast and others who were jealous of her popularity. French has recently been getting a lot of attention and some people think she is going to take D’Amelio’s spot at the top. Many people fight about which girl deserves the fame more than the other and who they like better. There are also two very popular boys on tik tok right now named Mark Anastasio and Mattia Polibio. They aren’t in a competition like the girls though, which is very weird and for an unknown reason, they are just both very popular right now.

Tik Tok has gotten incredibly popular in such a short amount of time. It was originally an app called Musically, but was bought and turned into Tik Tok. Most videos on Musically were lip syncing, but a lot has changed since then and barely any people lipsync and now do a wide variety of different things. I did not hear about or use Tik Tok until this summer. At the end of the school year last year my friends were using it, but I was not until people began to talk about it and I began to use it. Although I hadn’t been involved in the app, it has been getting more popular in the last year and is at its peak right now. According to a statistic from Oberlo, Tik Tok has 500 million active users worldwide which puts it in the ninth spot in terms of the popularity of social network sites. Many adults are surprised by this unusual statistic. Tik Tok has grown so much and is constantly used daily for teens, letting them have a fun way to explore the world and grow into themselves.

Many people have different opinions on Tik Tok and there are a lot of people who dislike it because of how much it is taking over the lives of teens. I cannot go a whole school day without hearing something about this app and even though it doesn’t bother me, it does annoy many others. At school, many students make Tik Toks in class, during free periods, at lunch and any other time possible. Most like making them and don’t have an issue, but some do think it is stupid and wasteful. Becca Berlin says, “Many of my friends use up their time after school making Tik Toks instead of doing homework, studying or something more productive.” Most teachers also have a problem with Tik Tok because some students take their attention away from lass to make them or talk about them. Although there are downsides, Tik Tok is a fun app where people everywhere make creative videos with their friends.

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