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Trends in the 2020s!


Now that the 2010s have come to a close, our eyes are on the decade ahead. Here are some trends that we think will be prominent in the 20s.

Trends for the (new) 20’s!

Ok, boomer : The Generational War

One common theme that will start to become even more prominent in the 20s is the battle between boomers (people ages 55-75 years old) and pretty much everyone else, except for generation X. Where are they? We could use some help. While some boomers might say that “ok, boomer” was the opening shot of this “generational war”, it wasn’t. The opening shots were the school shootings that happened because older generations failed to implement strong gun control, and oh yeah, global warming is a problem. While I definitely don’t think all boomers are to blame for these problems, it’s safe to say that the generations’ complications with each other will last for a while. However, Gen Z and Millenials need to learn that not all boomers fit the stereotype. Boomers are not going anywhere anytime soon, especially considering that the youngest major candidate for president (With the exception of Pete Buttigieg) is a boomer. So younger generations will have to find a way to work with them if we have any hope of solving the problems that will lead to severe impacts on our planet and population. Some people might think that these generational divides won’t have a major effect on politics and society, but I guess my only response to them would be, “Ok, boomer.”


In the 2020s, companies will be pushing towards discovery and implementing new technologies and ideas. 5g will allow internet speeds to become faster than ever, connecting the world and making huge improvements in transportation, healthcare, and business decisions. SpaceX said that they intend to send humans to Mars in the 20s. Even if that voyage doesn’t happen before 2030, 2022 is the year set for the Titanic II, a modern replica of the Titanic that will follow the same path as the original ship. 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members will board, which is almost the exact amount of people on the original that sunk in 1912. Iceberg II will be following the same route. If there’s anything that can be added to the original boat model, they should make a bigger plank of wood so that both Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio can fit. Maybe more lifeboats would also be a good idea.


2020 fashion trends see the end of uncomfortable clothes like super high heels. *Sighs in relief* Sustainable fashion is on the rise, and thrifting is one way that many teens are participating. Biodegradable fashion, like clothes made of algae, will be a major trend as we watch the fashion industry try to look like they’re saving the environment in order to get the attention of consumers. The fast fashion industry is definitely at fault for problems like pollution anyway, but go have fun with your algae – see if it works.


While the 1920s were referred to as the “Roaring 20s” because of economic and cultural prosperity, it is possible that the 2020s will be known as the “Warring 20s” instead. While the US and China go further into the “Thucydides Trap” situation in a competition for economic and military dominance, catastrophic wars like the civil war in Yemen are affecting millions of lives. Politicians will have to come to a solution to these conflicts. One political trend that could impede their ability to implement peace strategies is the polarization in American politics that will continue into the next decade. Democrats and Republicans are at odds on almost all issues, which could make it difficult to work together and create solutions to the newest and highest magnitude problems that we will face in the coming decade.


One 20s food trend that I’m definitely excited about is an increase in vegetarian foods. As a vegetarian myself, it’s very exciting that the world is moving in this direction. Hopefully, the pace of this movement will accelerate in the 20s, but until then, leave us alone with our side dishes! Just because I don’t eat the hamburger on the menu doesn’t mean my dinner is inferior to yours. One example of this shift towards plant-based foods is in Starbucks drinks. In December, PETA announced that it became a shareholder in Starbucks to encourage the company to stop charging extra for plant-based milk. I’m honestly in support of anything that makes my Starbucks order cheaper, but go PETA for helping the cows! Beyond vegetarian or vegan alternatives to meats and drinks, other health foods are also becoming popular. I admire anyone who has the strength to enjoy kombucha, which kind of tastes like pure vinegar to me. Beyond these “trendier” foods and drinks, people are beginning to make healthier food choices, and that will be reflected in menus.

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