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The moment “Lucid Dreams” was released, only good memories were associated with the tune. When Juice Wrld, also known as Jarad Higgins, died on Dec. 8 from cardiac arrest at Chicago’s Midway Airport, the whole world was in shock. First of all, it was so sudden, but within the news stories that followed, conspiracy theories revolving around the circumstances of his passing began to circulate.

The first piece of evidence that suggests that Higgin faked his death is a tweet from April 24, 2017. The post reads “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years. Then fake my death [coffin emoji].” Because this post was over two years ago, fans speculate that this incident was staged.

The second piece of evidence is from a few of his songs. In his song “Legends,” Juice Wrld sings “We ain’t makin’ it past 21.” This seems suspicious to many theorists, especially considering that his 21st birthday was this past Dec. 2. Another song lyric attracting suspicion is from his song “All the Girls are the Same.” The lyrics read, “Who am I kiddin’? All this jealousy and agony that I sit in. I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon. I just want real love, guess it’s been a minute.” John Lennon also died on Dec. 8, and so fans were shocked when Juice Wrld also passed away on the same date.

Another shocking coincidence that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Juice Wrld faking his death but was an insane fluke is a trend that was very popular on the app TikTok recently. The trend included many people having fake seizures to his famous song “Lucid Dreams.” Suspicions arose especially because Juice Wrld died in the same manner that the trends depicted.

Although there are many fascinating conspiracies around Juice Wrld faking his death, there has also been a large amount of evidence found proving his death was in fact real. According to the Chicago Tribune, Juice Wrld died after suddenly going into cardiac arrest at Chicago’s Midway Airport. He went into cardiac arrest while police and federal agents were searching for guns and drugs in his and his entourage’s luggage at the airport. Juice Wrld’s girlfriend told the police that he did have a drug problem, particularly with lean, which connects to the police finding 41 vacuumsealed bags of marijuana, six bottles of prescribed codeine cough syrup, a few types of firearms and metal piercing bullets kept in his private hangar.

Although his cause of death is unknown, it is highly speculated by news sources that it was related to drugs since a large amount was found in his jet, and the people Juice Wrld was closest to reportedly said that he had a drug problem. Whether or not he really is dead, the circumstances have lead many to believe that the incident was not an accident.

Rest in peace, Juice Wrld.

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