Cycle 12


Juliet Suess

LiFe Advice with Leo and Fallon !

Why is a chicken nugget called a chicken nugget? It’s really not a nugget..? Please advise(8th grader)

Fallon: The English language is a mystery. For example, we call sea lions ‘sea lions’ but don’t call seals ‘sea tigers’ or ‘sea puppies’ or ‘sea leopards.’ They are just seals. As well, ‘nugget’ has that little flair to it, vs. calling a chicken nugget ‘breaded circle chicken.’ It doesn’t roll off the tongue in quite the same way.

Leo: So, actually it is a nugget. Chicken nuggets are nuggets. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines nugget as “a small usually rounded piece of food.” If you have some new-fangled dictionary that gets you all confused about what a nugget is, I will buy you another copy of my original dictionary. There, you will find that a chicken nugget is a nugget.

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