Volume 30



Cycle 7


LiFe Advice with Leo and Fallon !

Dear Spectrum,

I just started school at Harvard-Westlake and I have a dilemma. I am having trouble balancing the workload, with free time. When I get home I spend a lot of time doing things I enjoy instead of homework. Please give me some advice to deal with my problem. (’25)

Fallon: I highly recommend maximizing your free periods to get everything done. I have never seen someone get called ‘uncool’ for spending time in the library, silent study, or meeting with a teacher. Though sitting with friends is fun and great, sitting with friends while you’re procrastinating isn’t productive or fun. Just work before play, and then play when you’re home!

Leo: I also have to manage schoolwork with extracurriculars as well as a social life. I think the best thing to do in order to reduce the amount of work you have to finish at home is to do as much work as you can during free periods. I rarely actually have the desire to do homework while I could be hanging out with my friends, especially after having become used to messing around during free periods like I did in seventh and eighth grade, but after a long day, having spent just one period in the library can make a huge difference.

There’s this boy I’ve loved for over a year. But he’s a nerd, and I have to maintain social status. Also, my boyfriend kissed him even though he knew I liked him! What do I do? (’24)There’s this girl, (I’m a guy) andI’m not like super popular but she is and I think she might like me tho and her bf keeps kissing me in the closet and I’m scared but ya (’24)

Fallon: If this is real…

Leo: Who cares if it’s real? Becoming HW’s first polyamorous relationship would be a really interesting detail on your college application.

I want to know how to prevent the Spectrum from doing anything relating to TikTok. (’23)

Fallon: Throughout my HW experience, I have found that minding my business is the easiest solution to many of my problems. You have unknowingly made your problem worse! We will be posting three TikToks this week.

@muskaan_the_potato (’24) getting real about the 8th grade struggle. Someone had to say it.

@sophiaevs (’23) shows off her transitions and crazy workload.

That glow up hit @lavalily69 (’23) and friends like a truck

9th graders go all out for Halloween!

Content Spotlight: HW Jazz Explorers

Bonus! If you can guess the origin of Newo Music’s name, we’ll shout you out next issue!

Next issue up Wednesday, November 13

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