Blue Ribbon Sushi in the Palisades Village offers a high quality experience

Andrew Reiter

The arrival of Blue Ribbon Sushi to the new Palisades Village boasts tasteful Japanese cuisine. Along with its many other locations, the Blue Ribbon chain features a unique menu, offering items from sushi and handrolls to steak and fried chicken dishes.

It is important to make a reservation before you go because Blue Ribbon is often fully committed and barely ever accepts walkins. Parties of two will usually be seated at the sushi bar, located inside the restaurant, while parties of more people are usually seated on the outdoor dining patio or in the restaurant.

When ordering appetizers, the Blue Ribbon menu offers many Japanese dishes as well as unique foods that would not normally be offered at a sushi restaurant. Traditional items include edamame, spicy cucumber, sashimi, toro tartare and miso soup. In addition, a popular appetizer is the bucket of wings, which is one of Blue Ribbon’s signature dishes. My favorite appetizers are the spicy edamame, miso soup and bucket of wings with chili sauce. The spicy edamame at Blue Ribbon is one of the best that I’ve had and is truly spicy, unlike some others I have had. The bucket of fried chicken wings are also amazing, and the wings are coated in spicy crumbs that create an addictive flavor.

Along with the appetizers, before one orders their main course, many teppan (Style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food) options are offered. My favorite dishes are the shishito peppers, chicken thai and the beef filet. All options are served steaming hot directly from the griddle, and every dish offers rich spices and sauces to dip in the teppan.

The entree is my favorite part of the meal, especially at Blue Ribbon, because of all the delicious dishes they offer. Popular items include the beef filet, fried chicken dinner, pacific king salmon and the ribeye. My personal favorite, the beef filet, comes with a black truffle sauce that creates a perfect sea of flavors in the consumer’s mouth. It is six ounces and leaves the consumer wanting more after every bite.

In addition to an entree, many consumers choose to order sushi. This can be ordered in a platter that offers a wide array of different types of sushi as well as singular orders. Vegetable rolls, usuzukuri and capaccio are also offered along with the classic sushi and sashimi. All of the fish is fresh and very flavorful. Consumers often order big sushi platters due to the eccentric flavors they create.

The food at Blue Ribbon is exceptional because of the diverse options in the menu. Although the food is amazing, there is very little ambiance and the restaurant often seems quiet and boring.