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Dear Q&A,

So I liked this guy and he liked me too, like a month ago, and we kind of got together and then it fell apart. And then now like over a month later I like him again a lot, and I have no idea if he likes me… What should I do?

Q: Hi! I don’t really have the amount of experience needed to have an informed opinion on relationships, however, I can still might be able try to help. There are a few things you can try. One thing is to ask a friend if they can talk to the boy and ask who he has a crush on or maybe even if he has a crush on you. This might seem a little risky, but it’s the end of the year and you want to know, so I’d say you should just try it. Something else you could do is try to become closer. Now, I don’t know how much you talk at the moment, but you should try to be friendly towards him and chat more frequently. If you’re comfortable with doing this, you can ask him to hangout outside of school, Facetime to study for a class or sit together in the library. Once you’re closer, maybe you can just ask if he likes you. However, what I’ve just suggested is definitely a lengthy process, so if you’re up to it, I would go for Amelia’s advice. Either way, I hope it works out for you and that this can provide some guidance!

A: Although I don’t really have the authority to give relationship advice, I’m going to try my best to help you. This might seem forward, but if you really want to know if know if he likes you, you have to ask him. That may seem daunting, but that is the only way you can know FOR SURE. Another thing you could do is tell him how you feel because he might be nervous to admit that he likes you, too. You can even ask him how he’s doing and why you haven’t heard from him in a while. Things are only going to work between you two if you have open and honest communication, so I suggest you start now.

Dear Q&A,

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a lack of motivation. School is almost over, and all I can think about is summer, but before I have my freedom, I have to make it past the home stretch: finals. I can not find it in me to actually care and study for finals, I think that call this senior spring at the Upper School? I’ve been feeling completely checked out, and I don’t want to fail and get bad grades! Help me Q and A!

Q: Hello! I myself have felt lack of motivation before and was in a funk just a few weeks ago, so I definitely understand what you’re going through. Know that a lot of people feel how you feel right now, myself being on of them. I tried different things to help get back in work mode. One thing I did is write a list of all the work I had to do each night and how much time I thought it would take me. Then, I would write out a schedule of what time I would start each assignment. Since I didn’t want to try and do work, It was really difficult for me to follow that schedule. However, I needed to have some kind of structure to make me feel more productive. I’ve also tried giving myself reasons to feel motivated: For example, telling myself “I want to get my grade up, so I need to start studying on Sunday for the test on Wednesday.” Another thing I’ve done is trying to go to bed earlier. When I get more sleep, I feel more energized for the day and generally will do more work and do it better. Regarding finals, I feel the same way. Something that I find myself saying, which is very unproductive, is “It only counts for a test and a half.” Instead of relying on it not counting too much more, I suggest thinking “It counts for a test and a half!” By turning it around, I have adopted a more positive attitude and felt like “Hey, this is a chance for me to improve my grade, so I need to work hard.” You can even use Summer as a goal to work towards. Think of how there are only a few weeks left and you just have to pull through because you’ll get a long break soon enough. I really hope these suggestions can help you out.

A: I totally understand what you are going through because I have felt like I’ve been in a rut, too. I can’t really help motivate you, but I can definitely provide some tips for making all the hard work and studying easier to get through. One thing that will definitely help with this is studying in bits and pieces ahead of time. If you wait too long before the final to study, you will be presented with a lot of information at once, which can be extra unmotivating. If you do work little by little, it will be a lot easier to get through, and more stressfree. I understand the feeling of not wanting to do any work at all, but you have to find it in you. I also suggest giving yourself rewards for studying. Food is my go-to reward. I will set a goal for myself, and when I reach that goal, I have a snack or a treat. When I’m feeling unmotivated, I take more breaks which can make the work more bearable. After I study for an hour, for example, I watch an episode of TV or spend some time on my phone. Another thing you can try is seeing the learning specialist Ms. Gabriel, Dr. Decker or your deans as resources. Lastly, if you are studying all day, please let yourself relax and have some fun. Making plans is really motivating because if you have somewhere to be, you will do the studying before you go. I hope this helps!

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