The Heath Benefits of Cycle House

Sandra Koretz

Cycle House is an interactive stationary biking experience. With three locations across Los Angeles, Cycle House is a welcoming environment. Since its opening in 2011, Cycle House has tailored workouts to each individual rider and prioritizes the comfort of each customer. In addition, the instructors are encouraging and one’s mental health is emphasized throughout the ride.

Stationary biking is a great form of exercise for anyone, as it is an efficient method to burn calories, improve heart and lung function and strengthen muscles. Cycling also has a positive impact on the athlete’s mental health, as it can help to alleviate stress and better brain connectivity. Additionally, stationary biking is an easy and fun way to become more attuned to your own body and refocus your energy on positivity and empowerment. According to, cycling is a good form of exercise to release stress. Specifically, Cycle House allows riders to explore their personal preferences and feel supported to push their boundaries while focusing on mental health.

Being in a class is a loud and unique experience. After a quick introduction, every class consists of a warmup, interval sprint training, a high resistance period, jogging on the bike and weights. Finally, the class closes with a quick stretch.

The tempo of the class is based on each instructor’s teaching style, but all are centered around music. Depending on the music chosen by the instructor, the class may be more vigorous or slow-paced. Different instructors also emphasize various aspects of the ride, such as high resistance songs or upbeat interval training. Each class is 45 minutes and every workout is intense, regardless of the instructor.

Each instructors has a different teaching style, allowing riders to experiment and find the instructor that is best for them. Although classes may vary in intensity according to each instructor, every instructor attempts to provide the best possible workout and let the rider discover their own pace. It is evident that the instructors care about each individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. The instructors encourage their riders to push their limits and create a supportive environment. All instructors are very friendly and form close relationships with regular customers.

Aesthetically, Cycle House is incredibly clean and the smell of sweat that one might expect from a cycling studio is absent. The environment is full of light from the second you walk in. After every class, each bike is wiped down and cleaned, and all complementary towels are washed and replaced.

Depending on the package purchased, prices vary between $20 an $30 per class. The larger the series of classes you buy, the cheaper each individual class is. Discounts are provided to those who have purchased a large number of classes in advance. Members sign up for classes on the website under an account, and the studio is open all week. Typically on Sundays, the studio offers three classes, while during the week, there can be upwards of seven throughout the course of a day. Towels, weights, water and earplugs are all offered for free, but there is a two dollar fee to rent shoes for the class.

Overall, Cycle House allows riders to become more physically fit and provides a better view into the connection between physical and mental health.