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Lily and Grace Tastes: Ice Cream Edition

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!

As LA locals, we know that finding the best dessert can often be difficult because of the countless number of options in this city. We’ll be helping you figure out which ice cream and frozen yogurt is the best. It took some hard work, and we ate way too much ice cream, but we are here to tell you what some LA ice cream places’ most popular, weirdest and best flavors are! We’re hoping this helps in your next search for ice cream. We went to Pressed Juicery, Bennett’s Ice Cream, Halo Top, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Salt and Straw, Go Greek, Sprinkles, Amorino’s and Yogurtland to help you with your next outing.

Pressed Juicery

Locations: Los Angeles, Century City Mall, Beverly Hills, Venice, West Hollywood, The Grove, Studio City

Our first stop was Pressed Juicery, a popular and healthy juice store. In addition to juice, some locations have “Pressed Freeze,” which is their own healthy version of ice cream. The flavors they sell are Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Matcha. We concluded that the Freeze is definitely a refreshing snack, especially if you are looking for something healthy; however, we didn’t really like the matcha. The texture wasn’t smooth and the flavor tasted too much like real tea. The other Pressed Freeze flavors tasted a lot like a yummy fruit smoothie in the form of ice cream. The flavors were delicious and refreshing; we’d say the best was the strawberry because of it’s great flavor and satisfying texture.

Bennett’s Ice Cream:

Location: Farmer’s Market at The Grove

Next we hit Bennett’s Ice Cream, a local gelato store. First we decided to try an ice cream called the Cabernet Sauvignon Sorbet for our weird flavor. Neither of us liked the ice cream, and we wouldn’t recommend it because of the unappealing, strong wine-like taste. We then tried their most popular flavors: Mocha Almond Fudge and Caramel. Mocha Almond Fudge was fantastic and had a great, rich chocolate taste. This is definitely a great ice cream flavor for chocolate lovers. As for the caramel, the flavor’s pretty good, especially if you love a pure caramel taste. We thought the Mocha Almond Fudge was the better flavor to get.

Halo Top

Locations: Los Angeles, Century City Mall, The Grove, Canoga Park

Halo Top is not a place that we suggest going to. An ice cream craving would be better satisfied at any other establishment. We started out by trying their Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor, which turned out to be even weirder than we thought it’d be. It tasted quite a bit like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a scoop of ice cream on top. In tasting the ice cream, we decided those flavors do not mix well at all. Their most popular flavors were Mint Chip, Vanilla, and Sea Salt Caramel. The Mint Chip was fine, but it tasted like a mix of mint gum and ice cream, again maybe Halo Top is mixing tastes to create flavors that shouldn’t created. However, if you really love mint, we suggest you should go for it. The Sea Salt Caramel was super good, but the flavor was a little weird. We think this is in consequence to Halo Top’s ice cream being made to be low-carb, low-fat, and high-protein, which messes a little with the traditional ice cream taste.

Dylan’s Candy Bar:

Location: The Grove

Yes, you guessed it. Dylan’s Candy Bar also has ice cream! While you might’ve thought that their candy is the only food they sell, we are here to tell you about their other dessert option: ice cream. Their most popular flavors of ice cream are vanilla, chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Birthday Cake. Their Cookies and Cream tasted like any other. There wasn’t anything special about it, but if you love that original taste then this is the treat for you. The birthday cake flavor has a good cream texture, but on the other hand, the taste is oddly milky. Last, we sampled their Mango flavor, which is definitely not an ice cream we’d ever try again. It tasted similar to mango flavored cough syrup. Dylan’s Candy Bar is known for its candy for good reason, and they could have stuck with that.

Salt and Straw:

Locations: Venice, West Hollywood, Studio City, Los Angeles

Salt and Straw is known for their strange flavors, many of which we got to try. Their weirdest flavor was Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese. We went through tasting that flavor so you would never have to go through it.The flavor stayed in our mouths for at least 20 minutes after we finished eating. The cheese flavor was much more prominent than the olive, but either way we don’t think either flavor should be in an ice cream. However, if you’re looking to go out of your comfort zone, we bet you’ve never tasted something like this. Their most popular flavor was Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, which was delicious and flavorful, we recommend trying. Salt and Straw is a fun and yummy ice cream store with a fun vibe to it, great for hanging out with friends and try some delicious or weird ice cream.

Go Greek:

Locations: Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Village at Topanga

Go Greek Yogurt Shop was a little different from the rest of the ice cream we tried. The shop sells variations of yogurt made with Greek Yogurt, including Chocolate, Plain Tart, Banana and Greek Honey. The frozen yogurt was surprisingly yummy, and with great healthy toppings it makes a delicious treat. Our favorite flavors were Chocolate and Plain Tart, but every flavor was great. Go Greek is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a sweet, refreshing dessert that is also on the healthier side.


Locations: Beverly Hills, The Grove, Los Angeles

Sprinkles is famous for their cupcakes, but their ice cream is delicious too. We tried their most famous flavor, Red Velvet, and it was amazing. The ice cream had cupcake bits dispersed throughout it, with a kind of frosting taste mixed in. For the weirdest flavor, we decided to try Cap’n Crunch. The flavor was a lot better than the texture. The cereal that was probably intended to give the ice cream a crunch, was sort of soggy. It wasn’t too enjoyable. If you want Sprinkles ice cream, make sure to check that the location near you actually sells ice cream, because ice cream isn’t available at every location.


Location: Beverly Hills

Amorino is a pretty unique ice cream shop, known for crafting their ice cream to be into the shape of a flower. We tried a couple of flavors and in general they were pretty good. Their most popular flavor is Chocolate Hazelnut, which was delicious except that it was a little too nutty. Their weirdest flavor, Cream and Black Cherries, had a very cherry strong taste, but the overall flavor was mediocre. Because of the cool, instagram-able presentation of their ice creams, we think Amorino should definitely be on your ice cream store bucket list.


Locations: Los Angeles, Century City Mall, Santa Monica, Downtown Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City

Yogurtland was our last stop. By this time, we were tired, over-sugared and pretty much done with ice cream for the rest of our lives. The yogurt shop was a classic, fun frozen yogurt experience that allows customers to mix their favorite flavors into a delicious treat. We decided their most popular flavor, Plain Tart, had an amazing, refreshing taste and texture. Cheesecake frozen yogurt sounded a little weird, but after trying it, we realized the ice cream is pretty delicious, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Since Yogurtland is a childhood classic for both of us, we’re going to bless you with the combinations we think that you should try. Lily says the best mix is to combine Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Then, you have to put cookie dough and chocolate sauce on as your toppings. Grace prefers a more classic ordeal, by filling the cup with just a p
lain tart and then a couple funky flavors on top. Then, you add a heap of brownie bites, strawberries and mango.

We sure loved getting to eat so much ice cream, and hope that this has helped you figure out where you want your next ice cream exploration to lead you.

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