Alo Yoga Reveiw

Kate Hassett

Alo Yoga is not only a clothing brand but also a place where yoga classes can be taken. There is a recently opened Alo Yoga studio in Palisades Village. I have taken numerous classes there, and from my experience, I have so far found out that each of the studio teachers has been extremely nice and helpful. One of the instructors even brings her dog to do yoga with you. Personally, I like to go at the six or seven o’clock classes because the studio’s windows overlook the Palisades; and at that time, the sun is setting, not only making it beautiful but also making the class even more peaceful.

At the end of the class, students lay in a quiet and fulfilling Savasana while peaceful music plays in the background. One of the parts I like most about Alo is the playlists the instructors create. The music always goes with the class. For instance, one of the classes I was taking is called Power Vinyasa, so the playlist was upbeat and helped me push through the harder poses and workouts. After taking these classes, I feel a lot more strength in my core and more balance.

Sometimes, I take calmer classes, which is one of the all-level classes, meaning that it is easy for beginners while incorporating some optional difficult poses. Those classes usually consist of easier poses, which tend to be stretches rather than sculpting poses. The music is always calm in and the instructor does this to so you can find peace within yourself. Calmer classes tend to be more centered around self-love, which I think would be beneficial for all to hear. In some of the calmer classes, I was taught mindfulness activities to do when suffering from stress or anxiety. These skills do not just help me in the studio but also help in school or at home.

Overall, I think Alo Yoga is a great place to do yoga, to help one’s body and the development of self-love. The scenery and music help you connect with yourself and make the class a happier environment.