Here are 2019’s new fashion trends and our thoughts about them

Ally White

2018 will be remembered as a year full of striking and bold fashion trends and styles; some worth carrying into the new year and some, frankly, must be left behind. However, 2019 has a ton of potential to be the peak of fashion in the 21st century. Despite being only one week in, a few trends have already taken off. The question is- which ones are going to last and are worth trying?

For decades the fashion industry has gone back and forth between nude colors and bright ones. While in 2018 nude colors and basics were more modish and contemporary, vibrant colors are back in fashion and makeup. One bright color we think will be up and coming is neon green. Though many people are rolling their eyes at the thought of this, many other and excited for a splash of color in their life. One celebrity that believes in the new hype for neon green is Hailey Baldwin. Though she first started getting into neon green in late November, the trend is only building speed. Soon, the amount of people wearing this new radiant color will skyrocket.

Another prediction we have is the return of split dresses. Fashion shows, restaurants, parties, and even schools are filled with dresses. Though many people wear some dazzling dresses, very rarely do we see a split dress. The split dress was a huge fashion fad in 2014 for runway shows, which translated into everyday life. The split dresses had the ability to convey two separate yet combined messages at the same time. The two sides were the same yet contradicted each other at the same time. Though some dead trends do not come back, we believe split dresses will.

Though 2018 was filled with many different types of shoes, some plain and simple, and some full of many designs and insignias on them. The most famous for many people are Jordans. These shoes have made up a large part of shoe culture and pop culture as a whole. Air Jordan were some of the most sold shoes in 2018. During the first half of three of the top ten shoes sold were Air Jordans. 2019 is looking very prosperous for Air Jordan and the many shoes that will be released this year.

While fashion styles change intermittently, brands seem to fluctuate much more and at higher rates. Big brands last year include Supreme, Bape, Stussy, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger. Now the big question for 2019 is, which brands are staying and which are going in the trash? One brand you can get rid of is Supreme. Its short lived hype ended, and now its site is still not selling out of their overpriced clothing. Bape is the same; their overpriced clothing had its time and now it’s time to put those clothes to the side. Though Champion is still very pricey, we believe it’s here to stay. Anywhere you go, you can always see someone in a Champion sweatshirt. Though brands such as Champion are staying, we have no doubt that many brands will emerge and become new fashion trends in 2019.