Kareem Hunt Released From Chiefs

Ben Jacoby

Kareem Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Pro Bowl running back was released because of a video surfacing from TMZ, showing him kicking and harming a woman on Nov. 30. Immediately after the video was released, Hunt was released and placed on the NFL’s Commissioner’s Exempt List, making it so no teams can pick him up from free agency.

“Right now Hunt is on the Exempt List, so he for sure won’t play this year and I say it is murky whether or not he plays next year” said ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter. The incident involving Hunt occurred on Feb. 10, 2018 and while the police filed a report, no arrests and charges were made. Apparently before the season started, the Chiefs questioned Hunt on the incident and he didn’t give them the full details according to TMZ. Because Hunt lied to the Chiefs, the second the full details emerged, he was released immediately.

“We released Hunt as soon as we found out, and that is our final comment,” a spokesman for the Chiefs said when questioned on the issue.