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Perfect Bars: Perhaps the Solution to the Breakfast Issue

While Harvard-Westlake (HW) students generally share the same habits in their daily routines, eating breakfast is often not one of them. Sure, we as students have been taught about how crucial starting off your day with breakfast is, but let’s be real, who has the time? Teenagers value every minute of sleep possible we can have; why would we sacrifice more time in bed for breakfast? That’s probably why on-the-go-breakfast options first made an appearance on the grocery market scene. However, the solution proved too good to be true, as breakfast bars often forfeited healthiness for expediency. Despite healthy foods often promoting their positive qualities, it’s contradicted by poor taste. Then came along the Perfect Bar.

After first hitting markets in 2005, the Perfect Bar has seen tremendous success and are now sold in commercial supermarket chains, not just neighborhood shops. This so-called ‘Perfect Bar’ uses no artificial preservatives, all clean ingredients, and natural sweeteners while being high in protein.

Ally’s take: Being a picky eater, I was reluctant to try out this bar, so I went with the simplest version I could find: the peanut butter bar. Initially, I was taken aback by the dry, crumbly texture. However, as I further indulged in the breakfast bar I was pleased by the natural and earthy taste. I enjoyed the bar, and I began to eat it almost daily, but the flavor got boring quickly and I eventually became sick of it. I thought it was nutritious, but I couldn’t eat it every day because of the amount of sugar.

These bars are a very convenient and easy solution for people who don’t have enough time or energy to make breakfast before school. The fact that this bar has many different versions including dark chocolate chip peanut butter, mocha chip, chocolate walnut brownie, almond butter and more is appealing to me. I would recommend this bar for people who need a quick alternative for breakfast but don’t get sick of repetitive meals.

Katharine’s take: For as long as I can remember, handling breakfast on school days has always posed a dilemma in my day-to-day life. With limited time in the mornings, I often leave without breakfast, coaxing myself with the all-too-familiar excuses such as ‘Breakfast isn’t that important’ or ‘I just don’t have the time.’ I’ve tried multiple potential solutions but have had no luck with the tastetohealthiness ratio. Then entered the Perfect Bar. Perfect Bars are healthy, delicious and taste significantly fresher than other marketed bars because they’re kept refrigerated. But even still, the amount of sugar per serving is a deal breaker; these bars are loaded with natural sugar. They say that too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing, so evidently, too much of a ‘perfect’ thing definitely isn’t ‘perfect.’ Therefore, while I think these are good for those crazy mornings in which you need something to keep going, ‘Perfect Bars’ aren’t fit to eat daily.

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