Two best friends face-off for the last time

Ryan Razmjoo


Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat one last time score here Dec. 10. The final score of the game was 108-105. The games leading scorer was L.A.’s Kyle Kuzma with 33 points, seven rebounds and one assist. Next were the Heat’s Justise Winslow and James each with 28 points. James flirted with a triple-double with nine rebounds and 12 assists.

Although this match-up seemed like a normal game, it was of more importance. This game was the final of many battles between two best friends, James and Wade. The two players achieved lots in Miami while James was there. In four seasons, they went to four straight finals and won two championships together.

Since then, the two have developed a great friendship. Staples Center was packed to see their final game against each other. Wade was given a standing ovation when he first checked into the game.. After the game photographers and reporters rushed Lebron and Wade where they had a conversation and then exchanged jerseys. This game symbolized the road to the end of an era between two great players.