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Tasting the difference: Does taste depend on water brand?

Bottled water is an extensive market. There are tons of different water brands out there and our cafeteria sells many of them.

Spectrum surveyed students to find out what their thoughts are on different brands of water. With 184 responses, the most popular brands are Arrowhead, Fiji, evian, and smartwater. With 198 responses, 56.1 percent answered that it does not matter and 43.9 percent answered that, yes, it does matter. With 200 responses, we gathered that 71.5 percent of people can taste a difference between water brands, while the remaining 28.5 percent can’t distinguish the difference.

An anonymous respondent said, “Some are more metallicy, some taste smoother etc, some feel more grainy or have large particles you can taste where as some taste like nothing (the good water).”

“Some water is just weird tasting. For instance, Dasani puts salt in their water. Many people say this is to make you dehydrated and need to buy more of their water,” an anonymous respondent said.

A source elaborated on this by saying, “Dasani water tastes like poop.”

Arrowhead water advertises to be 100 percent natural spring water. The sources that provide the refreshing taste of Arrowhead are selected spring sources in and West of the Rockies.

“Fiji is so much better BRO,” said an anonymous respondent. The company says the water comes from an artesian aquifer, a large volcanic chamber encapsulated by the rock walls of an ancient crater, located in Viti Levu, Fiji. Here, the water gains minerals and electrolytes which add to the soft, smooth taste.

evian water comes from Lake Geneva in Switzerland. “evian natural mineral water originates from rain and snow deposited on the catchment area, a millennia-old site in the heart of the French Alps surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The water then filters down on a 15-year journey through rocks, taking on its unique balanced mineral composition, until it reaches its unique underground source,” evian’s website says.

Smartwater is produced and bottled in Morpeth, Northumberland. Smartwater is British spring water that has been vapour-distilled and then electrolytes are added.

The “best water brand” will always be up for debate, but I know that I am an Arrowhead type of girl.


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