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Deluscious Cookies and Milk win the search for the best chocolate chip cookies in Los Angeles

Chocolate chip cookies, a baked good that represents nothing but comfort and absolute deliciousness, also happens to be my favorite dessert of all time. Inspired by the countless disappointing chocolate chip cookies I’ve tried, I set out to find the top five best chocolate chip cookies in Los Angeles.

1. Deluscious Cookies and Milk

I’d never eat the cookies from Deluscious Cookies and Milk until I walked into their kitchen. They mostly do shipment orders of cookies but also keep cookies for sale if you want to walk in and pick a few up. The chocolate chip cookie was flat and big. What made this cookie the best in Los Angeles was how it was chewy, crispy, crunchy and moist all at the same time. This perfect blend of textures really put this cookie over the edge. Because this cookie was thin and airy, it was almost impossible to stop eating and so easy to finish.

2. Susie Cakes

I know what you’re thinking, Susie Cakes makes cakes, not cookies! Turns out, that could not be farther from the truth. Susie Cakes makes terrific cookies, in fact, some of the best I’ve ever had. The chocolate chip cookies are huge! The cookie is very chewy and there are big chocolate chunks in it that are creamy and rich, but the cookie is intensely sweet, so it’s hard to eat the whole thing at once, which was disappointing.

3. Coffee Commissary

One thing I really enjoyed about the cookies from Coffee Commissary is that there is both dark chocolate and milk chocolate in the cookies. Instead of using chocolate chips in the cookies, the chocolate is in the form of thin slices that are layered on top of each other. The cookie itself was crunchy on the outside, yet moist and chewy on the inside. Unfortunately, the chocolate slightly overpowers the taste of the actual cookie, but a sprinkle of salt would further enhance the flavor.

4. Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese’s chocolate chip cookie is classic weekend nightime craving food. If you eat the cookie fresh, its warmth melts in your mouth. Not only is the cookie amazing, but add scoop of ice cream in the mix and the combination is heaven in your mouth. One major appeal of this cookie is its low price, $0.50 per cookie, which makes it taste even better. What puts this cookie as number four on this list, however, is that the cookie gets dry very quickly and the chewiness disappears the longer you wait to eat the cookie.

5. Cookie Good

I really like Cookie Good’s chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was thick, but small and costed $2.15. The chocolate is very creamy, but the cookie itself is super grainy, with a sand like texture. What puts this cookie behind all the others is that, while it is delicious, it’s also not expensive and the taste doesn’t 100 percent make up for it.

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