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Go thrift shopping on Fairfax for those forgotten gifts

Throughout the history of fashion, people have seen in the past decade’s style become a part of the present. One way people have been finding ways to incorporate past styles to their outfits is by thrifting. Thrifting is an upandcoming trend. The reason why I like thrifting so much is that whenever I buy something from a thrift store or flea market, I know what I buy will be original. Not only is it unique clothing, but it is also a way cheaper option.

One place to go thrifting is Fairfax; there are many thrift stores hidden near expensive streetstyle stores like Supreme, Bape, and Flight Club. One of my favorite places to go on Fairfax is called Tried and True. The storefront shows the street style that they sell in the store. They sell logo brands like Nike, Jordans, Gucci, and more. On the racks, the items are priced fairly high, but in the back, there is a pile of clothes where everything is only five dollars. I went to the back and found a Tommy Hilfiger coat and four t-shirts with cool artwork. The total cost was only twenty-five dollars. I ended up selling my Tommy coat on an app called Depop.

Another place on Fairfax I would recommend going to is the Fairfax Flea Market only opened on Sundays. It is located at Fairfax High School. I have been going there for a couple of years now to thrift and hang out with friends. The environment is always fun and relaxed and there is good food. There are two stages where people perform and you can listen to as you are thrifting or eating. Celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Tyler the Creator and Madelaine Petsch go there to buy vinyl records or clothing.

There are many vendors their that either sell their own work or thrifted items. Vendors sell their own work, creating very original clothing and/or art pieces. The thrifting at the flea market is also amazing because often, there are just racks of t-shirts, jeans and jackets people can go hunting through and will most likely find something you like for a good cost .However, since the Fairfax flea market has been growing through the years, some of the clothing might be overpriced. Some vendors keep the prices of their clothing at a reasonable price, and others know they can increase their prices a little bit, so they do.

A good way to make sure to not spending too much money on one item when thrifting is to make up the price of the item you want. Then, either ask someone the price or look at the tag; if the price is too high, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price. Often vendors set the starting price a little higher, so if someone wants to lower the cost of the item, the price will still be reasonable for the vendor. If the vendor will not adjust the price, ask if that price really makes sense for that item. If it doesn’t, say it’s okay because there are plenty of other pieces of clothing you will see throughout the day.

Sometimes, I resell my thrifted items on Depop, it is an app that makes it easy to buy and sell clothes. What makes this app different from others is that you can follow accounts, like posts and direct message people about products on their page. It is a lot like Instagram, except it’s a better way to market your thrifted clothes. Depop is mostly made up of people trying to sell thrifted clothes. The reason it is better to market your items is that the app helps you create a visual appearing aesthetic. The app also helps you find things you might want to buy. Just like Esty, type in keywords and things will pop up that relate to it. Many of the items on sale there are various trends from the 90’s and 2000’s that are making their way back to current fashion.

Overall, thrifting is a great way to create your new style by adding more clothes to your closet for a reasonable cost. Not only is it trendy, but it also helps create a unique aspect to your clothing.

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