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Sandra’s LA Food Finds #2

Welcome back to Sandra’s LA Food Finds! This issue of Spectrum, I ventured to Tarte Tatin Bakery & Cafe. I have been going to this cafe religiously since I was a little girl and decided that it was time more people knew about this amazing place!

Tarte Tatin is a casual breakfast and lunch cafe with a Mediterranean inspiration. There are two locations and they are always packed with people, signifying how delicious their food is. But many people have never heard of Tarte Tatin, which means they haven’t experienced how truly delicious their food is.

The interior of the cafes are cozy and modern yet simple. There is tons of seating and an ample amount of lighting. My favorite part about the interior is how comfortable and cozy it is. There is always light and enjoyable music playing and the staff is always very kind and friendly and is willing to help. Tarte Tatin is vibrant and super enjoyable.

The largest part of the cafe is the section dedicated to their baked goods. Their baked goods are absolutely mouth-watering. Some of my favorites include the plum and apple tarts and the berakas.

Something about the way they bake their crusts makes them taste divine. They are flaky and melt in your mouth. Usually, the crust of a dessert tastes bland, however, it makes Tarte Tatin’s pies and berakas more delicious and taste soft and buttery. The perfect blend of the flaky and buttery crust makes their baked goods taste amazing and delicate.

Berakas are folds of delicious dough with goat cheese nestled inside. The warmth of the crust and the cheese together is the perfect synergy of flavors. Berakas are perfect tasty, quick and easy snacks.

If you are craving a larger meal, I recommend ordering the Mediterranean breakfast. This delicious breakfast is on the bulkier side and is very filling. This breakfast set comes with chopped israeli salad, tahini, labneh, bread and two eggs cooked in any style. I like ordering my eggs in the style of sunny-side up so I can dip the bread into the yolks. The Mediterranean breakfast costs 18 dollars and is worth every single penny.

If you like eating sandwiches, I recommend the roasted vegetable and goat cheese sandwich. This delicious sandwich is filled with pieces of goat cheese and delectable and healthy roasted vegetables. Roasted vegetables are one of my least favorite foods, so usually, I never eat them. The only place where I will gladly devour them is at Tarte Tatin. This sandwich is truly mouthwatering and definitely hits the spot. My favorite part about this sandwich is the bread. The bread at Tarte Tatin is truly one of a kind. When I eat this sandwich, I’m technically eating healthy because it includes vegetables and cheese and yummy bread. The roasted vegetable and goat cheese sandwich costs 14.50 dollars and may be considered overpriced for what the sandwich is offering.

When at Tarte Tatin and lentil soup is the soup of the day, I advise you to order it. This delicious soup is filled with chunks of lentils and is an easy, fast and quick meal. I love ordering this soup because it easily satisfies my craving for soup and is very nourishing. A cup of soup is $6 while a bowl is $8.

My absolute favorite beverage to drink at Tarte Tatin is their mint tea. This unique tea has sprigs of mint inside of the cup, making it taste extra minty. It is refreshing and yummy.

I love ordering a slice of the plum tart and a cup of the mint tea and enjoying them together. The medley is perfect and gratifying. The plum tart is delicious in part because the plums are thinly sliced on top of a flaky crust. Combining it with the refreshing taste of the mint tea makes for the most delicious combination.

Tarte Tatin is a delicious cafe and bakery located in West Hollywood. It is very accessible for students and a perfect breakfast and lunch spot.

Tarte Tatin Bakery & Cafe is also located in a small plaza on 200 S. Beverly Dr. and another location is on 9123 W Olympic Blvd. Parking is minimal but valet is available.

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