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Milk Bar: Go back to New York

Milk Bar, a dessert bar chain based in Manhattan, has recently opened up a new location on Melrose. Famous for its their cereal milk ice cream, they also sell a variety of cookies, truffles, and cakes. Although going to Milk Bar was a cool experience, it wasn’t worth the hype. Overall, Milk Bar is super trendy, but the desserts were overpriced and not delicious.

At first, the Cereal Milk Soft Serve alone tasted like spoilt milk. [For those who are confused with the term “cereal milk”, it’s basically the flavor of leftover milk that had previously had cereal in it. This way, the flavor of the cereal is infused throughout the milk adding an altered, much more flavorful taste to the milk.] But after trying a spoonful with the corn flakes, the cereal milk flavor became refreshing. The corn flakes added a satisfying crunch to the dessert, and as one keeps eating the ice cream, it resembles actual cereal milk more and more. This dessert was a nice twist compared to the regular ice cream flavors one sees daily, and overall is something that I recommend.

The Crack Pie was is a brown sugar pie with an oat cookie crust. The pie isn’t very unique in its presentation nor its taste as it didn’t have that brown sugar explosion that I hoped for. The crust had an admired chewy consistency, the piece of pie was very small and thin and costed six dollars, a price too high for such a lifeless piece of pie.

The chocolate malt cake was by far the best dessert of the night. The chocolate flavor was rich, the cake was moist and it melted in my mouth, however, the cake lacked the promised malt crunch flavor, which was extremely disappointing. The marshmallows provided a chewiness lacking in such a moist cake. This chocolate cake was incredibly delicious, especially because one doesn’t see a chocolate cake with marshmallows very often!

The B’day Truffles were small balls of their famous B’day cake. The cake itself is a plain, white cake filled with sprinkles. Even though a simple confetti inspired cake isn’t very interesting to begin with, these truffles lacked a surprising amount of flavor and originality, something that I had expected from Milk Bar. To start, the truffles weren’t moist inside and were very bland. The truffles didn’t look very appetizing, the colors of the sprinkles weren’t vibrant, and they looked messy and dirty. The truffles looked almost as though they had been sitting out in the store for days. The cake didn’t taste bad, but it just didn’t live up to the Instagram hype.

The location of Milk Bar is centrally located, with plenty of parking and easy accessibility. At nine p.m. on a Saturday night, the line didn’t last longer than 15 minutes due to the quick staff members. To conclude, Milk Bar is not worth going to again. For some advice, if you are still is on the edge about going after reading this review, you should try it out for yourself. However, if you already don’t want to go, don’t let this review change your mind.

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