Character Committee gives cookies

Juliet Suess

By Khyra Stiner ’21
Character Committee members gave out free cookies to students at break on Jan. 23. The cookies were distributed on the Horn Commons next to the ninth grade lounge. Students were encouraged to get a free cookie to promote positivity and kindness on campus.
The event did not go as planned, according to committee members. A table and posters were meant to be set up outside of the ninth grade locker area at the beginning of break. Character Committee members were then meant to give out the cookies to students however, the tables were not set out before break, but students were still able to get free cookies.
“I feel like it would have been better if we had been able to get the tables and set up, and we had some posters that we wanted to put up… I think it would have been a little more effective in promoting that message, but life happens and it didn’t go exactly as planned, but people got cookies, people were smiling and that was the general purpose behind it,” Character Committee advisor and Spanish teacher Heath Wagerman said.
The event was coordinated by Wagerman and led by student members of the committee.
Character Committee supplied Diddy Riese cookies, but students were encouraged to bring their own baked goods as well. The cookies included snickerdoodle and double chocolate chip, and students also brought in M&M sugar cookies.
“We wanted to do the cookie giveaway to promote kindness for no real reason other than being kind and generous. It’s so rare that things are done at school just to do something nice for other people and we wanted to get that message out in a fun way, ” Character Committee member Maddie Boudov ’21 said.