BLACC, GSA, Step Club present at assembly for Black History Month

Juliet Suess

By Mia Feizbakhsh ’22
The Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club and the Gender Sexuality and Awareness Club presented a slideshow in honor of Black History Month during assembly on Feb. 12.  The slideshow featured many historical figures who were openly gay or allies.  GSA leader Olivia Phelan ’21 and BLACC leader Isaiah Jeter ’21 presented the slideshow.
The Boot Squad also performed for the first time after the slideshow, further representing the African-American community by stepping, a traditional type of African-American dance.  Before the squad started stepping, a short video showed African-American faculty and staff talking about the Boot Squad coming to the school, one of which was seventh grade dean Jon Carroll.  Carroll talked about how when he was in college, there wasn’t a Boot Squad or any type of step club similar to it, and that it is wonderful that the school now has dancers learning to step.
“[One of] the best parts [of being in the Boot Squad] is having fun while also learning from my teachers and fellow dancers,” Boot Squad founder Chandace Apacanis ’21 said.