Students receive ILY Grams for Valentine’s Day


Juliet Suess

By Laura Kors ’21
Students bought ILY Grams to send to their peers for Valentine’s Day, and some of the profits were given to the Rape Foundation. Students paid two dollars to give their peers ILY grams which were posted on students’ lockers on Feb. 14 by Student Council. At break, students who received ILY Grams could show them to Student Council to receive a cupcake.
For the first time, profits from ILY Grams will go to the Rape Foundation, an organization that provides care and resources for rape victims and supports education for students and adults about rape. HWGive LA member Hayley Rothbart ’21 came up with the idea in light of the recent social movement about sexual assault and to give awareness about healthy relationships on Valentine’s Day.
“In the wake of all these sexual harassment and rape allegations that have come out against celebrities, I thought it was important for [our school] to have a stance and make sure everyone knows we support victims of sexual assault and rape and that we do not want to ignore the subject because it is very important,” Rothbart said.
Students said they enjoyed receiving ILY Grams as well.
“I thought it was a good way to spread happiness and cheer on Valentine’s Day,” Idalis McZeal ‘23 said.