VR experience held


Juliet Suess

By Mohona Ganguly ’21
Students and faculty participated in a virtual reality experience on Wednesday during periods three through nine.  Only the first four students to sign up each period were able to participate.
Middle School Science Department Head Alex Ras spoke about the connection between the experience and what students are learning.
“What I find to be the most fascinating part of the experience is that so much of what we teach in our science classes is incorporated into the technology,” Ras said.
Participants received many options for their choice of virtual reality experience, including a climate change simulation and a trip to Greenland.  Students described their experiences observing their computer-generated surroundings.
“My favorite part was being able to stand in the plane, look out the windows and seeing the icebergs,” Ally Lynch ’21 said.
Student-made brochures and posters describing the effects of climate change and various virtual reality experiences were displayed around the room.
Ras shared her thoughts about the use of virtual reality in the future.
“It can be used for illuminating and for teaching students,” Ras said.