Hour of Code Week Held


Juliet Suess

By Kathryn Lin ’22
Students came together to practice coding during the Hour of Code Week from Dec. 4 – 10. Librarian Christina Wagner-wright, supervised the event, at the middle school.
“[The creators of Code Week] wanted to encourage [coding] because more and more in the real world, when you get out, coding skills really become important and so they want everyone, girls and boys, to have the opportunity to learn how to code,” Wagner-wright said.
Students could code In the Munger Library Reference room during break, using many different types of coding websites and could also code Spheros.
“In the library during the activities period students are able to come  in and use Spheros which they can code. They are round robotic balls that you can code to different tasks like roll them around or roll then through an obstacle course … Also we had coding exercises which were designed to help kids learn how to code using Blocks, Scratch or Python and some other programming languages,” Wagner-wright said.
The Hour of Code is a global event promoted all across the world. The event is going to be held next year at the school as well.
“I really enjoyed learning about the basics of coding, and hope to continue learning more about it. Also I believe that the Hour of Code is a great opportunity to give children around the world a chance to learn how to or improve their coding skills,” Violet Barron’ 22 said.