Middle School Students dress up to celebrate the winter season


Juliet Suess

By Frances Ross ’22
Students and faculty had the opportunity to participate in Festive Accessory Day, Ugly Sweater Day, Turtleneck Day, Dress Up as Your Favorite Holiday Character Day and Pajama Day from Dec. 11 to Dec. 15 for Winter Week.
In addition to these themed dress-up days, Student Council sold holiday-themed hot chocolate on Tuesday and Thursday, gave out free milk and cookies on Friday and played holiday movies all day Friday in the Saperstein Theatre. Outside the entrance to the Hazy building, the school set up a Christmas tree and a Hanukkah menorah.
“I think in some way [everyone participates in Winter Week]. It may not be that everybody gets a hot chocolate, but maybe they go watch some of the movies that’ll be playing on Friday or they just walk by the tree or the menorah, and they think it’s nice,” Middle School Director of Student Affairs Keith Jordan said.
Tests and exams took place during Winter Week, so students said it was a nice way to relax and get into holiday spirits before taking two weeks off for winter break.
“I think the greatest part about Winter Week is that everybody gets to kinda have fun and dress up and just appreciate the season, and all of the different holidays,” Eve Levy ’22  said.