Worth the Hype


Juliet Suess

The Museum of Ice Cream

By Lucas Lee ’21 and Matthew Lee ’21

The Museum of Ice Cream is a museum that relocates to different cities throughout the U.S, and features several rooms based not only on ice cream, but also on the city that they are in.  The museum features a scratch and sniff banana,  wallpaper room, Instagram-worthy swing sets, a pool of sprinkles and rooms decorated with gummy bears, popsicles, mint and sorbet.  The museum is currently in Los Angeles until May 28.  Unfortunately, if anyone has interest in going to the museum, tickets are all sold out.
In an online survey sent to middle school students, 52 percent of the 297 respondents said that the Museum of Ice Cream is Worth the Hype.
“The Museum of Ice Cream is very fun and a great place to make memories with friends!” Jenna Zuckerman ‘23 said in the survey.
However, not everyone enjoyed their time at the Museum of Ice Cream.
“I went there over the summer. It was pretty dirty, and the ice cream itself wasn’t good. There were also people taking forever in each room because they were taking pictures. One group even got kicked out,” CC Mesa ’22 said in the survey.
Among the respondents, 59 percent of the people who answered the questionnaire said they have not been to the Museum of Ice Cream.  However, the majority of people who did go seemed to have a good time, making the Museum of Ice Cream Worth the Hype.