Students react to redesigned website

Juliet Suess

By Joy Ho ’22
The school unveiled its official website earlier this year. The website had not been changed in almost a decade, and the new look has been planned for many years.
“The website is pretty old, and it just needs to be updated. If you saw how it was before, the size of the pages were not dynamic. They were just static, and the design was from years ago. Things have changed, and it wasn’t really designed for phones and iPads. It just looked old and really outdated, and our goal was to modernize it,” Director of Information Technology David Ruben said.
Most students have seen the new look and like that it’s much more contemporary, clean and organized.
“I really like the new website because it’s modern, and I like how you can see more about student life at Harvard-Westlake. The new design is really cool and much more visual than the old one,” Izzy Welsh ‘22 said.
While many have agreed that it looks more modern and sleek, some have said that it is  harder to navigate and need time to get used to it because of how different it is compared to the old design.
“I don’t really know how to navigate it because of how different it is compared to the old design. I just need to get used to it, especially since it’s much more modern than the old website,” Hope Hsieh ‘23 said.