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Celine’s Suggestions

By Celine Park ’21
How can I balance my academic life inside of school with my social life outside of school?
There are many ways to balance your academic and social life, and it all comes down to your organizational skills. If you utilize your frees and get most of your homework done before school ends, you can relax at home without stressing too much about school, and maybe even hang out with your friends during that time. You can also mix the two together by having study sessions with your friends on the weekends. By doing this you’re spending time with your friends while studying, which is a win-win! If you’ve finished all of your homework at school and have nothing to do at home, getting the next day’s homework can sometimes make life easier for you if you have a game or an event the next day. Plan accordingly, be organized, and you can have a happy and balanced life throughout the school year!
What are the key components to a successful club?
First off, you should create a set of goals that you want to achieve in your club, as this will give you a clearer sense on what you want your club to be. After you have an idea of what you want your club to be, find other people that would join your club and work with you. Having one or two people help you lead your group can be good because it is always good to have a partner for any project. It can make the club more fun if you’re doing it with your friends or people that have the same opinions/interests as you. Also, try to attract people to your club by posting information on the daily bulletin, or just talking about it with your classmates. Planning events and big projects in your club at school can spread the word and can also get more active members. Whatever club you make, if you follow these steps, then you’re set!
There is a person who does not like me for some reason. I have never done anything bad to this person, and we have a pretty good relationship on the outside. However, this person always talks behind my back and tries to always keep me out of her extremely large group chats. Once, I was on the bus, and she started talking about me ( she didn’t know I was on the bus ), and I heard many untruthful and hurtful things. How do I prevent this person from hating me in the future?
Please help!
To be completely honest, if this person is spreading rumors and excluding you from her group, I don’t think you should focus on trying to get her to like you. People are people, and it will take a lot of your effort to make things better with her. Try to give her space, and avoid responding to any rumors or talk about the situation. It is never good to keep the negative things in your life because it weighs you down, and everyone already has enough stresses to deal with, inside and out of school. Since our school is so big, try hanging out with a different crowd of people, and try to connect with the friends that really care about you and are able to empathize with you and your problems. In a few months, you probably won’t even be thinking of the rumors, and realize how unimportant they are. Stay strong and be positive, you have many people that support and love you!

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