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B Sweet brings Filipino flavors

IMG_0883By Emma Limor ’21
B Sweet Dessert Bar, located in the heart of the chic Sawtelle neighborhood, is the perfect place to find authentic Filipino and American desserts with the unique ambiance of a bar. While the prices are relatively high, ranging from $5-8 per dessert, the portions are proportionally large. Every delicious order can be shared among multiple people, which helps create their unique social vibe.
Though they are known for their variety of bread puddings, B Sweet has a lot more to offer. Bringing traditional Filipino flavors like ube (purple yam) and calamansi (citrus fruit) into their desserts has attracted customers from all over the city to experience flavors from halfway around the world.
Accompanying these Filipino flavors are classic American ones, such as the “circus cookies” cake, oversized brownies and cinnamon rolls. The shop’s menu changes every Wednesday, so each experience there is different.
The most popular dessert at B Sweet is the halo-halo. Meaning “mixed together” in Tagalog, this dish is an icon of Filipino culture, with 13 layers of traditional Filipino ingredients, providing an explosion of flavor. Featuring exotic red bean paste and sweet condensed milk, the halo-halo provides an Asian flair. While each flavor is delicious on its own, Filipinos don’t eat them separately. By doing what the name of the dessert implies, they mix it together. Mixing the oversized and overstuffed cup can be challenging, which makes the experience at B Sweet Dessert Bar even more interesting.
Halo, a dish that shares its same with the halo-halo, provides a unique culinary sensation. Featuring ube ice cream, the halo is created with a custom sandwich press. It is prepared by dividing a glazed doughnut into two parts, scooping ice cream onto one piece, and then reuniting the doughnut with heat fusion. The halo is served fresh from the press sizzling with caramelized glaze from the doughnut. The first bite harmonizes the frosty ice cream center and the hot doughnut shell. With contrast in temperature in just one bite, the halo is incredible. In comparison to the halo halo, it lacks depth of flavor but makes up for that with its temperature fusion.

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