Spain trip held over break

Juliet Suess

By Sydney Hogan ’20

Ninth and tenth grade Spanish students will travel to Spain during Spring Break.
The trip will last for two and a half weeks, from Thursday to April 16. Even though it is preferable for students to be taking Spanish, complete beginners that want to learn through immersion can still attend the trip.
Two ninth graders and 24 sophomores will be on the trip. The students will in Madrid for the first week and will stay with host families. In Madrid they will attend five-hour classes in the mornings and extracurricular activities during the afternoons.
After Madrid, the students will travel to Sevilla, and then on to Cadiz for a week at a lingual institute. They will also visit Toledo and Cordova to experience Spain’s medieval architecture. On April 15, the students will visit Spain’s oldest university.
“The main goal is to develop the existing language skills and improve communication skills, “Upper School Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza said.
Students will be exposed to Spain’s food, culture and artists like Picasso, Goya and Dali when they visit museums.
Both Zaragoza and the attending students said they are thrilled about the trip.
“I am excited to learn about new cultures in a new continent,” Josue Martin’20 said.