StuCo sells ILYgrams

StuCo sells ILYgrams
By George Philips ’20

ILYgrams are taped to lockers on Valentine’s Day. Credit: George Phillips ’20/SPECTRUM

Middle school students lined up to buy ILY Grams, valentine cards that include playful romantic messages, in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. The cards were made by Student Council, and anyone could buy and send them to whomever they wished.
They were sold from Feb. 9 to 13, both online and at the Student Council booth, which was set up next to the Horn Commons during break. Senders were able to choose whether to put their name on the cards or send them anonymously.
Student Council taped the colorful cards, each containing a message, to the lockers, along with a box of Sweet Hearts, heart shaped candies. Anyone who received a card was instructed to visit the Student Council booth during break and turn it in in exchange for a cupcake. In the past, the cards could be redeemed for candy, but last year the tradition was changed to cupcakes.
Henry Greenman ‘20 said that he is a big fan of ILY Grams.
“I think ILY Grams are a fantastic HW tradition. They get students excited and are a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school,” Greenman said.