New clubs form for second semester


Carli Cooperstein ’20 writes on her laptop during Pen Pal Club. Credit: Zoe Redlich ’20/SPECTRUM

By Zoe Redlich ’20

The start of second semester has brought not only new courses, but also a diverse range of new clubs. These clubs include the Magic Club, the Pen Pal Club and the Current Affairs Club.
Carli Cooperstein ’20 founded the Pen Pal Club, which meets every Tuesday in HC 222. This club is centered around writing emails to students in other countries across the world.
“My club is the Global Pen Pal Club and during the club, we reach out to students all around the world to create a safe and inviting environment for them to share their thoughts and opinions,” Cooperstein said.
Clay Skaggs ’20 founded the Magic Club. Skaggs said the club is meant to be a place where students learn how to perform different magic tricks. They meet in HC 220 on Wednesdays.
“My club is the Magic Club, also known as the Magic Circle. We learn magic tricks and watch magic tricks,” Skaggs said.
Amelie Zilber ’20 founded the Current Affairs Club. This club meets every Wednesday in Wang 104 in order to discuss current affairs, both on the international and national level, from different points of view.
“We discuss current affairs and each side, the Liberal and the Conservative, state their opinions. We have lively debates and try to become familiar with the other side’s point of view, so we just become more informed overall,” Zilber said.