In-school Hanukkah party held

Juliet Suess

By: Alexandra Mork ’20

The Middle School held its tenth annual Hanukkah party organized by Rabbi Emily Feigenson on Dec. 16.
In past years, the Hanukah party has been held after school featuring the seventh grade chorus. This year, the after school party was canceled because Hanukkah took place over winter break. Instead, a smaller party was held at school during activities period.
At the party, students played dreidel, which is a traditional Hanukkah game. In addition, past middle school students have developed different variations of dreidel such as the longest upside down spin, the leap of faith and the killer dreidel.
“Although there wasn’t much turn out at the Hanukkah party, I had a very fun time spinning the dreidel and eating donuts with my friends,” Gabe Glassman ’22 said.
Because the after school Hanukkah party was canceled, the Middle School is also hosting its first Passover event.
“[The Passover party] is a celebration of freedom from oppression, which is very important in the world today,” Feigenson said.