Busted! Thoughts On the Bus On Campus


Juliet Suess

By Alexandra Mork ’20 and Lauren Nehorai ’20

Katie Frazee ’20 wakes up at 6 a.m., takes the bus to get to the Middle School, rides the shuttle to and from the Upper School to play volleyball after school and then takes the late bus back to her home each day. After arriving back home at 6:30 p. m., Frazee begins her nightly routine of homework.
Like Frazee, many students take the bus, and it plays a major role in their daily lives. Not only do students take the regular bus to school, but ninth graders involved in extracurricular activities at the Upper School also ride the shuttle there as well as back, if convenient. While some students enjoy the bus, finding it fun as well as a good workspace, others believe it is an inefficient use of time.
In an online survey sent to Middle School students, 73 percent of the 245 respondents said they enjoy their time riding the bus. Some think of it as a great place to socialize, bond and make new friends. Others believe that the bus serves as a great place to get work done or use as down-time to relax. Some simply enjoy it because of the occasional snacks provided.
“The bus … is a chance to meet new people. Although it may be a little loud at times, I have made two good friends. It is weren’t for the bus, I may have never met them at all…..The bus is something I can look forward to. I have made memories that I will most likely remember for a very, very long time. The bus is without a doubt amazing,” Kayla Choi ’22 said in the survey.
Britt Gronemeyer ’20, who rides both the school bus and shuttle bus, uses it as both a place to spend time with friends and do homework.
“I like the shuttle because I can see all of my friends, and in the morning I can get a lot of my homework done,” Gronemyer said.
Of the students surveyed, 27 percent said that they do not enjoy their time. Some people think of the bus is boring and a waste of time. Others agree that it can get chaotic, uncomfortable and even unwelcoming at times.
“Riding in your parents’ cars [is] more comfortable, [plus] they have the radio,” Lena Bagley ’22 said in the survey.
By the end of the day, Frazee has spent nearly three hours of her day on the bus. Although there are mixed feelings about it, a majority of the students enjoy the bus and use it as a tool to socialize and be efficient with their school work.