Seventh graders travel to Malibu


The seventh graders bring the paddle boards to the water. Credit: Printed with the permission of Kate Benton

By Alexandra Mork ’20

Seventh grade students travelled to Malibu for their first retreat at the school. Divided into eight groups, the 112 students in attendance bonded with their new classmates through group activities. The other seventh grade students either opted to not attend retreat or travelled to Catalina.
The purpose of retreat is for students to make new friends and get to know their classmates better.
“In my retreat group, I really only knew one person, but I got to know all the other people a lot better, and I got really close with one of the people in my group,” Willa Fogelson `22 said.
During the first two days, students went to Malibu and spent the night at their homes. On the third night, the students spent the night in cabins.
On the first day, some groups went to the beach for boogie-boarding and surfing, while other groups went bowling and to a kinetic theory camp.
“[Bowling] was pretty fun. The bowling was kind of difficult just because we had to split up into groups of six, so none of the friend groups were really even,” Fogelson said.
On the second day, the groups switched activities.
“That [kinetic theory] was really fun. In kinetic theory, we did juggling, we did something called the diablo, we did silks, we did trapeze and miming,” Sofia Llevat ‘22 said.
The groups went to Mount Craig’s on the third day where they played games, made s’mores, participated in skits and slept in cabins. In the morning, students hiked on to the mountain and then returned home.
“[My favorite part of retreat was] staying at the cabins because I made a lot friends,” Aiden Schiller ‘22 said.