Greenwood begins teaching PE


Greenwood takes attendance for a ninth grade PE class during 9th period. Credit: Jeanine Kim ’20 / SPECTRUM

By Jeanine Kim ’20

Emily Greenwood is the newest addition to the physical education department. She is now a full-time substitute teacher at the Middle School. Last year, she worked as the assistant girls’ water polo coach at the Upper School and the head coach of the LA premier club, which is run at the Upper School.
Greenwood grew up in Fresno, California, swimming and playing water polo. Afterwards, she attended UCLA, where she played water polo and majored in history. For the last three years, Greenwood lived in Sicily where she played professional water polo until she moved back to California.
Greenwood currently teaches sports readiness to seventh and eighth graders and team handball to ninth graders. She said she enjoys teaching sports like team handball because she can work with a team while also helping students develop athletic skills.
“I really, genuinely enjoy [teaching PE],” Greenwood said.
Greenwood said that although she loves playing sports, eventually she wants to teach students. While she is a full-time substitute right now, one day she wants to become a regular PE teacher.
“I plan on going back to school to get my teaching credential,” Greenwood said.
Students said that they enjoy Greenwood’s class because she brings a sense of excitement to all the sports they play.
“Coach Emily is so supportive and kind, and she always makes PE very entertaining,” Gabriella Martinez Celaya ’20 said.