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She Said, She Said: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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    By: Jordan Murray ’20 and Keila McCabe ’20
    Every issue we will both be reviewing the same movie this issue features, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”.
    “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,”  based on the book by Ransom Riggs, is about a boy named Jake whose grandfather tells him stories about his life living in a home with Peculiar Children. Not long after, Jake’s father is brutally attacked and killed. The movie follows Jake and his journey to find his grandfather’s past and discover more about the “Peculiar Children.” Jake realizes he has a peculiarity as well; he can see the monsters.  In the story, Jake uses his peculiarity to help the children and protect them from the Hollows, or monsters, who are trying to kill
    Accuracy to Book: The opening was very accurate to the book, but without reading the book, viewers could be lost. I was a huge fan of the book series and was disappointed with the movie. The house was accurate to what was pictured in my mind. However, a large part of the movie was based on events that never happened in the books. The action scenes were not included in the book at all and they left fans confused and unsatisfied with the portrayal.
    Opening: The opening was fast and left out many important details necessary to understand the rest of the book. However, both the young and old character of Jacob in the beginning flashbacks were well cast. Still, the opening was too quick in the transition to get to the house, leaving out some of Jacob’s family relations, the trip to Germany and Jacob’s adventure to find the house.
    Visual Effects: The visual effects in the movie were strong. A standout moment of the movie was when Fiona, one of the peculiar children, grew a carrot out of the ground. Fiona’s peculiarity was not the only one portrayed both accurately and visually pleasing. The house’s decoration and whimsical look was one of the movie’s best features.
    Action scenes: Looking for more of a “peculiar” and unique movie, the additional action scenes were unnecessary. The action and battles did not correlate with the rest of the movie and were in an odd context.
    2.5/5 stars: Although certain aspects of the film were strong, the interpretation strayed too far off book, disappointing expectations.
    Accuracy to Book: The movie was completely different than the book. First, Jake’s best friend was not with him when he found his grandfather. Also, the love interest in the book is the girl who can fly, rather than the girl who has fire powers.The director should have showed him exploring the house of little bit more, before he met the Peculiar Children.The Peculiar children should not have come out to find Jake as quickly they did in the book. Despite the fact that is was inaccurate, the additional scenes and changes bettered the book. Although, some things towards the beginning should have been different, the story started to flow a lot better once Jacob arrived at the house with the Peculiar Children.
    Opening: Although the opening was very awkward, it very captivating and engaged the viewers. It was very fast, but got straight to the point. However, it did not give enough information for people who had not read the book. The movie needed to explain more about Jake’s life. For example, why he was working at the grocery store, instead of just going straight into his grandfather’s death.
    Visual Effects: The graphics and scenery used to depict the house had an amazing result. They put a lot of detail into the way the house looked and the character’s overall surroundings. When Miss Peregrine transformed into the bird, it almost looked real.
    Although they added many new scenes towards the end of the book, there was more action which made the movie more entertaining. The action scenes also created a better plot and made the movie more dynamic.
    ⅘ stars:Some things should have been portrayed more closely to the book ,the movie accurately represented both the house and the children, and the action was thrilling.

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