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    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar is soy amazing

    by Claudia Moysset ’19
    The Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill has a lot of variety, offering rare and exotic sushi including eel, caviar and jellyfish, among others. The restaurant dares diners to try unusual delicacies.
    The restaurant is very narrow with a low arching door and blue, black and grey tiles. Along the front wall, the words “The Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill” are written in Japanese.
    The décor is modern with many angular patterns. Towards the center of the restaurant is a bar  with fresh ingredients and a clear glass window showing sushi chefs preparing meals. Each table has a jar of flavourful soy sauce. The meals are all artfully presented.
    The O-toro is made out of the fatty part of a tuna fish. The rice is very plain and basic, but it accentuates the tuna. The tuna has a thick tasting texture, making it very good.
    The eel roll, another appetizer, almost has a chicken-like taste. The soft eel meat also has an appealing tangy flavor.
    The jellyfish, wrapped in seaweed, is shaded an unappetizing yellow. The texture of the jellyfish is slightly slimy and surprisingly thick and hard to bite into.
    As for the Wagyu beef tongue, it tastes similar to a filet mignon with a little extra flavor added to it. The tongue is really soft and has a very chewy taste that breaks apart with one bite.
    The crispy rice is in fact crispy (what?) with a bit of a burnt taste. The tuna roll is very spicy and makes the dinner feel as if  there mouth has been lit on fire. The avocado blends with the tuna in a nice way. The black caviar does what all caviar does best, add a salty improvement to the meal.
    As for the spicy lobster sushi, the taste burns the tongue. The spicy crab roll is compact and  comes with lettuce. When take one bite, their mouths feel the spiciness.
    The seven rainbow is a combination sushi plate. This dish is one of the best representations of the restaurant. It is a plate with an assortment of types of fish, colorfully displayed on a wooden board. One of the fish is a very bright neon magenta. Another is very scaly with a metallic sheen.
    Each roll is around $8-$30 dollars, with other items around $30-$40. The restaurant is slightly pricey, but because of the the rarity of the ingredients, the meal is worth it.
    Overall, the restaurant has fast service, out of the ordinary menu items and a very remarkable atmosphere, including great meals.
    Grade: A

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