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    All students have lunch period

    By Clay Hollander ’19
    All students have a mandatory lunch period in their schedules as of this year.  Students all have one period a day to eat and socialize, but it will also limit the amount of electives each student can take.
    “Personally, I think that it’s good. Although it means that some overachieving people may not be able to do 5 electives, it means that we will have more time to socialize with our friends and we will be able to have more time as a community,” Anja Clark’19 said.
    Many students believe that the new lunch period is very helpful.
    “I think it’s really smart that we all have a lunch period, because before, people could just not even have lunch. My mom was telling me about when my brother had his interview here. Some kid was told him that he didn’t even eat lunch. That’s so bad for you especially since we’re growing. It’s good to have a period where we can all eat and I don’t think that anybody is really against it, unless you wanted to take more electives,”  Sirius Wheaton ’19 said.
    When the new lunch period was first announced, some students were against the idea.
    “At first I wasn’t happy about the new lunch period. I wanted to do more electives, but I have come around to it and I am glad we now have time to eat,” Davis Cook’19 said.
    The school decided to introduce this new lunch period because in the last few years, students had not been eating.
    Ninth grade dean Betsy Ilg said, “The schedule was set up so that you guys could load up on electives and try everything, Before you guys had to get a little more serious as you’re going through upper school. It started to feel like students were constantly using their free periods to get work done, or to fill it up with something… Nutrition is so important, and the school just put its foot down and said, ‘students have to have food’. Nutrition is as much a part of the educational process and learning as is sleep, as is workload, as is all these other things. Its just part of the puzzle that we had to put in and mandate, so that every kid got nourished”.

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