Cozy Reads

Spectrum editors bring you some of our favorite book recommendations

Cozy Reads

Spectrum editors bring you some of our favorite book recommendations, just in time for winter break! Whether you’re going to be traveling on a plane and are looking for entertainment, or are staying home for the holidays and need a good book to fill the time, Spectrum is here to recommend something for everyone.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
This cleverly written mystery is a short, sweet, and intriguing mystery surrounding an isolated island and mysterious party in which the host has invited ten guests and seemingly vanished as soon as they arrived. However, things aren’t how they seem, as the guests start to die of unknown causes, and old secrets are revealed. And Then There Were None is a tale of mystery and intrigue that delivers a satisfying conclusion within only a few hundred pages. “I like it because it’s so well written and it’s completely impossible to guess the ending of the book,” said Ella Jeon ’26

The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox
This book by Maggie Knox is a perfect rom-com to kick off the holiday season! Charlie and Cass, who are identical twins, swap lives twelve days before Christmas. However, this year, Christmas doesn’t feel like the jolly, much anticipated holiday that it used to be. Ever since Charlie gets hit on the head on the set of her reality baking show, her life spirals out of control. This international best-seller book will most likely resonate with many readers, as the characters go through chaos but learn to rely on each other throughout the process.

we were liars by e. lockhart
Another mystery to add to your holiday reading list, “we were liars” is a contemporary novel with elements of romance, grief, and mystery. During the summer, our main characters live on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts in a bubble of privilege and wealth. As the main character, Cadence, recovers from a traumatic injury and starts remembering what happened the summer before, readers learn along with her. At the very end of the book, readers are rewarded for their hard work with a jaw dropping twist. A story of amnesia and healing, we were liars is an entertaining page turner perfect for this winter.

Caravalby Stephanie Garber

Caraval is a magical carnival held once a year on a mysterious island, hosted by a mastermind organizer known as Legend. It has been Scarlett’s lifelong dream to attend caraval, and when she receives an invitation from Legend himself, she is thrilled to escape her abusive father and spend a few days playing the game before she returns to an arranged marriage. However, once Scarlett and her sister Tella arive, Tella is kidnapped. Now, in order to find her sister, Scarlett must play the game and find the prize; Tella. Caraval is a fantasy novel with worldbuilding that’s vivid and immersive. The best part? Caraval is one of three in an already released trilogy, perfect for a cozy read over winter break.

A witty memoir written by the former Nickelodeon star, “I’m Glad My Mom Died” is a story of resilience and independence. This memoir reveals McCurdy’s unique experience as a child actor, and her struggles with her mother, income, and mental health while working for Nickelodeon. While the memoir is heartfelt and emotional, there are also moments of humor and comedy that shine through darker themes.