Sophomore Prefect Results Announced

On Wednesday, May 4, ninth graders elected Daisy Pritzker ’25, Victor Suh ’25, Eric Lee ’25 and Ellie Borris ’25

On Wednesday, May 4, 9th graders elected Daisy Pritzker ’25, Victor Suh ’25, Eric Lee ’25 and Ellie Borris ’25, according to an email from Head of Student Affairs Keith Jordan.

Two rounds of speeches for sophomore prefect took place in the past two weeks. In the primary election of 33 candidates, each candidate gave a prepared one-minute speech during a ninth-grade class meeting. Eight students were selected to advance to the second round, where candidates answered both a prepared and unprepared question in two minutes. Candidates each answered a different prepared question and all discussed what trait they believe to be the most important of a prefect.

Suh, who currently serves as a 9th grader senator, is thrilled to be re-elected to help create a connection between students and administration. 

“I think that people sometimes forget what the purpose of student council is,” Suh said. “It’s not about who’s the smartest or who’s the most popular, no. The point of having student leaders is to ensure that the bridge between the administration and the student body is established, and as a result, allow students to have a voice in our school.”

Lee, who has run every year since 7th grade, was elated to hear the news.

“This is my third time running for council and I wasn’t really expecting much going into it,” Lee said. “I’m really thankful to everyone who supported me. I promise that I will do everything in my power to give back to the Harvard-Westlake community!”

Borris, who is a new 9th grader this year, is very excited to serve on the council next year.

“I’m surprised that I won because there were a lot of really qualified, fantastic people running, but I’m really excited about next year.”

Current 9th grade senator Alex Rho ’25 refused to comment on the election results.