Testing Season

During the weeks leading up to winter break, many students feel stressed, overwhelmed

Natalie Ro

During the weeks leading up to winter break, many students feel stressed and overwhelmed. Teachers have worked with the school to try and reduce the workload and as a result, the school has a policy where certain subjects can only test on these days. It is known as the testing calendar. The goal was to reduce the stress and workload students face during these weeks. In addition, if three or more tests/projects/quizzes are assigned on one day, one of them may be postponed. 

Nicola Dadlani ’25 said she has heard about the testing calendar but that no one ever told her where to find it. Dadlani also feels stressed during the week before winter break and her teachers aren’t helping balance it. 

“Honestly, I kind of do even though the homework has been light as of now, the talk about all the tests are stressing me out,” Dadlani said. “I think they are trying but some teachers are making promises that they can’t fulfill.”

Elika leSage ’26 agrees that most teachers are not balancing it. 

“The rest of them [teachers] are putting two tests right after the other. The testing calendar is not really helpful, you can still end up with three tests on one day and it is hard to move when you have all these tests on the same day,” leSage said. “Maybe try to lower the amount of homework assigned during the two winter break weeks.”

Davis Fried ’27 disagrees.

“The testing calendar definitely helped, but there have been stressful points and lax points.” Fried said. “I’ve only had homework in one or two classes plus studying.”