Cycle 17


Juliet Suess

Happy Week-After-An-R&R-Where-All-Your-Work-Piles-Up-And-Destroys-Your-Life! Here’s what we did before we were totally assigned no homework at all!

Good News Network : David Gets A Dog!

David Lozano ’23 is a new dad! The new freshman needed a little bit of joy amidst his hardcore Varsity baseball season, and adopted a husky puppy yesterday. Lozano initially feared a little monster tearing through his home, but received a sleepy angel who simply wanted to cuddle. “Every hour, he just lied down, closed his eyes, and took a nap,” he gushes. The pupper is currently nameless, but any suggestions can be emailed to: [email protected]

A Gradeless Classic! Crash Course explains Islam for any 8th grader learning about the Sunnis and Shiites, any 9th grader studying how the Islamic Empire threatened the Byzantines, and any 7th grader looking to get a headstart!

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♬ your dead to me – toxic.acid12

@abcdefgghhiii (’23) goes viral yet again for her insider tips on the modeling world!

A moment of silence for the Otters 🙁

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