Cycle 16


Juliet Suess

We’re baaaacckkkk… but this time, we haven’t a bit of advice to share. Instead, enjoy a recap of what’s gone on in students’ lives!


look at ryan in the back #foryou imnotawhoreimagemini

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@grace_throw (’23) and friends simply v i b e

Animation shown in Latin classes steals students’ hearts!

Secret Link of the Cycle!

Good News Network: A knight in shining gym shorts

Declan Fahey ‘23, of the Junior Varsity Boys soccer team, put away the game clinching goal in the second half of the team’s final game. Capping off the season with a 1-0 win, he was regarded as a hero amongst his teammates… replacing his previous nickname, “DecDog.” Fahey will be trying out for the team next year, but has hopes of making it onto the varsity team. Declan says, “There is a 0.0001% chance that I make varsity next year.” However, here at Spectrum, we believe Declan can achieve any of his goals… literally!

Declan Fahey, like Shaquille O’Neal, is #34 on his team, and is pictured in the middle of the bottom row

Congrats! We have featured and hidden your identity at the same time.
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