Volume 31



Cycle 8

taken by Tina Cleaveland

LiFe Advice with Leo and Fallon !

Dear Spectrum,

I have had struggles with trying to manage my studying time wisely and trying to see how prepared I am for tests. (’25)

Leo: Every year in school, the pressure increases, but the jump from 6th grade to 7th grade can feel astronomically different with the change in scenery and everything else that comes with a new school. I have found that I do best on a test when I start studying 6 days before the actual test. This might seem excessive, but I like to start increasing the amount of studying I do every night leading up to the test. The day that I study the most is always two days before the test, with light review the next day. I think that, if you get on the right track, it just gets easier and easier to manage your time as it becomes routine. Also, it’s always better to over prepare, in my opinion, than to be underprepared.

Fallon: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Even though procrastination is a blast, the stress of studying the night before is such a bore. Keep a consistent routine and your grades will show it!

What do I do about the unstoppable marching of time that threatens to send my soul into oblivion?! (’23)

Fallon: Wow! I haven’t heard this problem in years! I highly recommend you hop on the wave and just sell your soul completely! There’s a buyback process in the Student Store and now my friends and I can get pencils for free!

Leo: Well, I mean, you could always just turn off your clock. Or you could reset your phone to Hawaii time and you get three more hours to do everything.

@aikooooff (’23) speaks the truth on Science review periods

@raisadoesart (’23) draws glossy lips for 6.8k people to adore! Pucker up!

Throwback Puzzle!

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